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Homeowner FAQs (4-2024).pdf
What is the CRE Website? 
What information is available on the webiste? 

HOA & Metro District Rules, Regulations, Bylaws, Guidelines meeting dates, and information guides are included on the CRE website’s public landing page.

How do I access the Portal Log in? 

To access non-public information such as payment options, status of transactions, etc., use the Portal Log In button on the homepage of the website. The upper right drop-down menu allows selection of either the HOA or Metro District accounts. Use caution to pay the correct account (HOA dues vs Metro District water bill).


What does CRE Community Do? 

The CRE community is regulated by two distinct entities; an HOA and a Metropolitan District, each with board members comprised entirely from elected homeowner volunteers. Irene Berest of Novele Community Management is the focal point for homeowner questions, trash service, portal login setup, billing and reporting of issues, etc.

What are the HOA Fees? 

$650 annual fee due each January

What services do these fee's provide? 
  • Community Rules & the Design Review Committee (DRC): 
    • Fines for unleashed dogs, noxious weeds, fireworks etc. 
    • Approvals are required for all exterior improvements (e.g., building, landscaping, painting, additions, fences, etc.). DRC Guidelines and applications are available on the CRE website. 
  • Holiday Lights, decorations & social events 
  • Trash & Recycling pick up is on Fridays (paid for by the HOA):
    • Recycle pickup is every other Friday; see the Trash Calendar (on the CRE website)
    • During holiday weeks the pickup day is slipped to Saturday
    • Homeowners receive 2 large trash totes and 1 recycle tote; these must be stored indoors
    • Trash may be put out after 4:00pm the day prior, and totes must be retrieved on pickup day
    • Up to 4 bundles or bags of yard waste (no food stuff) may be placed with the totes for pickup
    • Given the areas high winds, to prevent trash from being blown around the community: –
      • Ensure tote lids are fully closed (don’t overfill a tote) –
      • Bag trash that is susceptible to being blown during the tote dumping process and avoid placing loose papers in recycle bins 
    • For large item pickup, contact HBS Trash (720) 547-8600 two weeks in advance 
    • The HOA provides a large roll off dumpster for community use during the spring and fall

Functions & Property Taxes/Fees

What are the functions & property taxes/fees 

This is a quasi-municipal entity much like a traditional city council with the authority to assess property taxes and fees. The funds are used to maintain the community’s infrastructure, common areas, etc. The following is a brief synopsis of the district’s functions & homeowner responsibilities; the Metro District Rules & Regulations posted on the CRE website and contain more detailed guidance:  

  • Paying down the bond that funded the initial improvements (YE 2023 the balance was $580k)
  • Snow plowing of the communities roads (3 inches of actual depth on the roads triggers plowing) 
  • Septic systems: while installed and owned by the homeowner, the district provides annual inspections and pumping as required free of charge. Homeowners are responsible for any required repairs. A Septic Do’s & Don’ts guide is on the CRE website. Irene Berest CRE Community Manager 303-200-0065 M-Th: 9-4, Fri: 9-1 Emergencies: leave a message and expect a relply within an hour
  • Water wells: homeowners have the well drilled and then turn the well title over to the Metro District who owns the water rights. The district then becomes responsible for repairs of components inside the well casing and the water meter. Water testing is a homeowner’s responsibility. To date, the district is unaware of any meaningful water quality issues. 
  • Water Use Fees: are billed annually in November and due December 15th. Each October homeowners are notified to email a photo of their current water meter reading to the Community Manager. Water bills are calculated on a tiered gallon use system as follows:
    • 0 to 226,000 is a flat rate of $500, plus
    • 226,001 to 326,000 is $6/1000 gal (this is the authorized homeowner limit), plus
    • 326,001 to 400,000 is $18/1000 gal (a penalized rate), plus
    • More than 400,000 is $36/1000 gal (the heavily penalized rate)
    • Note: The homeowner during the water billing cycle is responsible for paying the full annual water bill. To avoid subsidizing previous water use negotiate a pro-rated credit with the property seller.
  • Fines for poor behavior on district property (e.g., speeding, littering, driving ATVs on open spaces)

General Information

Mail Boxes 

Mail boxes are located at the front entry. Keys should be passed along from previous owners, or may be obtained from the Littleton post office located at 8200 Shaffer Pkwy (800-275-8777).

Vehicle Security Gates 

Previous homeowners should provide new owners with at least 2 entry gate visor remotes. Section 2.02 of the Metro District Rules & Regulations provides valuable information including how to obtain personal keypad pin numbers and how to have your visor remotes registered and authorized for continued use.

Fire Department & Hydrants (typical homeowner insurance requested info) 
  • South Metro Fire Station 40 is just north of CRE, 2.1 miles from the front gate
  • Fire Hydrant water is provided by two 30,000-gallon fire cisterns equipped with a fire department hook up. These are located on Aspen Leaf Drive; a few hundred yards in from the front gate and the other is midway along the upper section of the road.

Douglas County Sherriff provides our law enforcement services and may issue speeding tickets.

  • Electricity is provided by CORE Electric Cooperative: 800-332-9540
  • Natural Gas is provided by Xcel Energy: 800-895-4999
  • Land Line Phone service is available from Century Link: 303-734-7112
  • Internet: is available from sources specializing in rural area service. The most popular CRE option is to receive internet via microwave technology from Xtream Internet: 970-305-5855 (they personally worked with our HOA in an agreement to bring us the fastest and most reasonable internet option). 
    • DSL is not available on our land lines and we do not have fiber optic or traditional cable lines. Satellite based internet has very poor CRE reviews (e.g., Hughes Net, etc.).
Cell Service 

If you have poor reception, try enabling Wi-Fi assist on your smart phone and consider installing a cell phone signal booster (free from some providers)

TV Options 
  • Off air via an indoor or attic antenna pointed NNW towards lookout mountain
  • Satellite based TV (e.g., Dish Network & Direct TV)
  • Stream programing via your internet